my postpartum services

postpartum care

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby!  The first few weeks can be very overwhelming and at times very isolating for both the new mom and the mom with multiple children.  It doesn't have to be!  The first six weeks after baby arrives should be focused on bonding between mom and babe.  it should be stress free and full of love.  household chores and waiting on others should not be the main concern during this precious time.  let me pamper you.  let me care for your older children while you rest.  let me wash the dishes.  let me help you with your questions.  let me support you. 

  • $35 per hour
  • help with household chores
  • entertain older siblings and/or pets
  • run errands and grocery shop
  • care for mom -  relaxation techniques
  • care for baby when mom wants to shower, spent time with older children, etc
  • herbal support with teas and baths
  • yoni steams
  • essential oil support
  • newborn baby care
  • lactation support - latch, cues
  • babywearing support
  • soothing baby
  • creating a calming space
  • processing the birth experience
  • releasing the birth energies
  • belly binding
  • a non-judgmental friend to help you have the best experience possible with your new baby. 

overnight postpartum care

sometimes families need that extra bit of support and sleep!

  • $45 per hour, packages available upon request
  • Usually between 8-10 hours of care.
  • provide overnight diaper changes
  • crib or bassinet clean up
  • bringing baby to mom for feedings if she is nursing
  • lactation support
  • feeding baby overnight for non-nursing moms
  • soothing older siblings
  • light housework while everyone sleeps
  • cook a nice breakfast for the family in the morning

wellness doula care

when you wake up one morning with a sick child and fight so hard to keep yourself healthy, but two weeks later your sick and needing to care for everyone in your family.  sound familiar? it should be illegal for mothers to get sick.  who's going to care for you?  Am i right?  This is where a wellness doula could be quite helpful.  let me care for you and your family so you can rest.  It doesn't matter if your children are newborns, toddlers or school aged.   Let me care for you and your family!

  • $45/hour
  • entertaining your children while you rest
  • household chores
  • errands
  • take the children to and from school or extracurricular activities
  • care for you - light massages, creating a restful environment
  • herbal teas and baths
  • prepare meals for you and your family
  • cleaning and disinfecting
  • watch your children if you need an uninterrupted visit to the doctor

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